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The Bottom End Blog: The Jazz Fusion Dance Movement

The London "Jazz Fusion"
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"The Electric Ballroom" (1982-87)

Seymour Nurse

Seymour Nurse's Jazz Fusion
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Electric Ballroom Jazz Room

Dick Jewell's Electric Ballroom Dance Footage In 1990s
Acid Jazz Documentary

UK "Jazz Fusion All Stars" exhibition clip, with the
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at Solidanse in Paris


Exclusive interviews with
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Colin Parnell and
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Andrea Nurse Lemard

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DJ Seymour Nurse
Seymour Nurse Profile

Herbie Hancock And Seymour Nurse

The "Sly" Battle

The Two Ultimate Jazz Fusion Dancers

The Two Ultimate
Jazz Fusion Dancers

Featured Video:
Mallence Bart-Williams' TEDx Talk

Mallence Bart-Williams gives a powerful, passionate presentation called 'Change Your Channel' at the TEDx Conference.
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Ken Kreisel

Ken Kreisel continues the great legacy with his new company
"Ken Kreisel Professional Sound"

IG Culture

IG Culture presents his latest album, "Zen Badizm"


Setting The 'Record' Straight
Tim Perlich

An inaccurate article was written for the magazine "Now Toronto" by Tim Perlich about "The Bottom End"...


The Silver Surfer

"If sacred places are spared the ravages of war... then make all places sacred. And if the holy people are to be kept harmless from war... then make all peoples holy."

The Silver Surfer


My Quest for "The Holy Grail" began at the tender age of 14, after hearing about "The Tune" in my school playground. Some of my friends had gone to the legendary "Jazzifunk Club" at the Electric Ballroom...

Lyle Mays

Thank you Lyle for your truly outstanding gift of music, for which we are so grateful to have received. Your playing was so exquisite and heartfelt, but what really touched me was your honesty and sincerity as a musician which was expressed in every note that you played with an almost otherworldly form of sensitivity.

Your compositions took the listener to the most incredulous places that resided deep within those uncharted realms of one's imagination. For me personally, the 'Mars (Close To Home)' is my favourite song of yours, for it is a magical masterpiece of joy and wonder, and I am sure that after an exhilarating 'Ascent', that you did find your way home...

With deepest respect and gratitude to you Lyle, and may you soar in peace upon your next adventure.

Lyle Mays
November 27th, 1953 -
February 10th, 2020

The Janet Lawson Interview

Janet Lawson talks to Seymour Nurse at The Bottom End in a long awaited exclusive, in-depth interview.

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The Robert Mitchell Interview

Robert Mitchell, one of the finest and most exciting Jazz pianists of the modern era, talks to Seymour Nurse at The Bottom End, in a very inspiring interview.

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West Indian Jazz Dancing Roots

Harris Berlin talks to The Bottom End about dancing Jazz in Jamaica during the 1950s-1960s, and its influence on British Dance Culture as the West Indians came over to the UK.

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The one and only Flora Purim

talks to Seymour Nurse about her incredible music career and inspirational life story, in a very special Bottom End interview.

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The Bottom End LP

The Matrix number on
the original pressing of, The Bottom End LP Volume One is: M+K 112 Az..


Don Baaska

Dear Don, what can I say?

They're truly no words to fully express my gratitude for your sublime gift of
"Get Off The Ground (The Bottom End)" and our precious friendship too.

We would always talk about different realms and dimensions and I know that you're journeying towards one of those incredulous places now.

I look forward to hanging out with you and having a few drinks on the
'Planet Of The Seven Moons', for now it's your time to get off the ground, go fly high as a kite and when you look down upon the ground you'll know you belong up there.

Have the most exquisite and exhilarating transition dear friend...

Light, love and gratitude to you always Don "The Don".

Don Baaska
June 6th, 1926 - July 12th, 2017

George Duke

Barry Miles

Nia Saw

Nia Saw
of Zap Mama

Don Baaska

"The Voice"

John Klemmer

Azar Lawrence

Harris Simon

Harris Simon

Jeff Lorber

Clare Fischer

"The ancient spirit has awoken..."
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The Black Panther

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The Sphinx And Kara Walker
At The Domino Factory

Maurice White
Much 'Gratitude' and deepest appreciation to you Maurice for making the ancient, ancestral, cosmic connection and bringing it through in the most divine way.

Maurice White
Have a magical journey home ***
Maurice White
December 19, 1941 - February 4, 2016

Much gratitude to you Nana for the ancestral magic that you brought through in your music.
May 'Zumbi' embrace you within her infinite waters, as you embark upon your next journey...
Nana Vasconcelos
2 August 1944 - 9 March 2016

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