The Bottom End LP -

M&K Sound Inc

The Original Pressing Of The Bottom End LP (M+K 112/113 Az)

M&K Sound Inc: "The Bottom End"

The Bottom End ("Get Off The Ground") LP was recorded in 1975 by Baaska and Scavelli, featuring Jamie Faunt and Kenny Park, at M&K Sound Inc, on Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California.

This historic session took place at the M&K Sound store/studio, and was recorded by Ken Kreisel "live" on a 2 Track Analog Tape. The Mastering engineer was
Allen Zentz, whose initials (Az) are inscribed on the vinyl.

The Matrix number on the first, and best pressing of
"The Bottom End" LP (45 RPM) featuring the, "Get Off The Ground" on Side 1, is: M+K 112 Az.

The first test pressing of this vinyl (M+K 112/113 Az) was produced by
Record Technology, Inc, who are a world class pressing plant that specialise in LP Laquer cutting. These Record Technology Inc pressings of "The Bottom End"
("Get Off The Ground") are extremely rare, as only 5 were made

Record Technology Inc: "The Bottom End"

Record Technology Inc: "The Bottom End"

Record Technology Inc: "The Bottom End"

This test pressing was then sent to Ken Kreisel at M&K Sound Inc, and
"The Bottom End" LPs were pressed after his approval of the disc.

M&K Sound Inc: "The Bottom End"

M&K Sound Inc: "The Bottom End"

There have been other pressings, or re-cuts of The Bottom End LP. This usually occurs when a problem develops with the disc mastering or stamper. Also, the primary pressings are of a higher quality sonically, as the stampers have a tendency of wearing out after the first batch. This is why the originals sound the best.

"The Bottom End" LP with the matrix number M+K 112 Az on Side One, is recorded at a higher/louder level, and has more clarity within its sound. This pressing also possesses more "Bottom End" within the bass, producing a fuller sound.

Allen Zentz experimented with reproducing the quality of sound after the first LPs were cut, which resulted in these additional pressings.

These are the matrix numbers of the "The Bottom End" 're-edits',
but they are not bootlegs:

M&K - 112 - 12 - 13 Az
M&K - 112 - RE - 12 - 27 Az

The re-edits have a very good sound, but the original pressings of
"The Bottom End" LP
are sonically superior, producing
a truly exceptional piece of Audiophile recording.

The Original M&K Sound Inc "Bottom End" Speaker

Ken Kreisel at Disc Cutting Lathe, 1977

Seymour Nurse