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"An Interview With Grace Lamarr"

Seymour Nurse at The Bottom End talks to the exciting new Jazz/Soul vocal talent Grace Lamarr about her singing, songwriting, and musical aspirations.

(London, March 6th, 2012)

Much appreciation to Damian Paul Daniel for filming the interview.

Photos by Donna McKeown

Much gratitude to Donna McKeown for her help and photographs.

As always, many thanks to Garth "Boogiebwoy" Thomas for editing the interview.

Love and respect to the McKeowns (Damian, Donna, Jordan, Grace and Melody).

My most sincere appreciation to Grace Lamarr for the interview, her magical
live rendition of "If The Stars Were Mine", and her wonderful spirit.

Seymour Nurse

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Grace Lamarr's feature in the London Evening Standard (February 23rd, 2012)
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